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1a-voices.com Spanish Narrator Katia Borrás

Katia is one of the international most frequently booked Spanish native narrators. She works as a full-time Spanish voice-over artist for general companies and media enterprises like the tv-channel arte, BMW, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Linkedin, Motorola, Sarah Lee, Siemens, Telefónica, Toshiba and institutions like the UNO, among others. Katia is the head, manager and creator of 1a-voices. Her passion and devotion to the project are its driving force. Her voice leads you through the Spanish version of the documentary Healing.

Native languages: Spanish / German / Catalonian (Majorcan) | Other languages: English

1a-voices.com Portuguese NarratorOur Portuguese voice actor and voice-over talent works constantly to improve his voice skills. He specialises in audioguides, corporate films, documentaries and advertisements. David is one of the chosen few able to combine his passion with his profession. Find out by listening to his samples!

Native language: Portuguese | Other Languages: German, English

1a-voices.com Swedish | English US NarratorJonas is the new voice behind New York based Rosetta Stone’s corporate films. Born in Sweden, he grew up in Vancouver (Canada) where he completed his doctorate in musical arts. As a platinum award winning recording artist he gained early exposure to the stage and media, transferring his musical abilities to the voice.

Native languages: Swedish / US-English | Other Languages: German, French

1a-voices.com English UK NarratorWith a name like Angelique, you would most certainly think this voice talent is French! Actually she is British, from Surrey England, with an RP accent, most suited to the business market because of its clear, confident, and captivating quality. Her received pronunciation, British accent is from Southern England and compares with those of Jane Seymour, Keira Knightly and Helena Bonham Carter.

Native language: British English  |  Other languages: French, Spanish

 1a-voices.com US English NarratorAs a son of American and Swiss parents, John grew up on the Mediterranean Spanish island of Ibiza where he was brought up speaking American-English and Spanish. In 1993 he moved to Berlin, Germany, where he has been living and working as an American voice-over artist. John has been the English station voice for "Deutsche Welle Television" (a television news station broadcast worldwide) since 1998, and has done all media worldwide buyouts for companies such as Siemens, Nokia, and Credit Suisse.

Native language: US English |  Other languages: Spanish, German, French

 1a-voices.com US English NarratorHaneen is a Palestinian-American who has made her career in voice over and radio for the past 20 years. She excels at long-form narration, and clients often choose Haneen for her ability to interpret detailed, technical copy in a compelling and meaningful way. Her delivery is most often described as intelligent, youthful, and natural.

Native language: American English (US)

1a-voices.com Czech NarratorMichael grew up bilingual in Czech Republic and has been living in Berlin since 1991. After his musical studies at the Berlin University, he works as an actor and musical performer at German theaters. As a native voice-over talent for Czech and German (both without any accent), he also made himself a name. His musicality and ability to adapt perfectly to the character of a text, allows him effortlessly to implement any kind of recording.

Native languages: Czech / German

1a-voices.com Russian NarratorAfter studying Music and Performing Arts in her hometown St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia, Anna soon specialized in Russian voice over and dubbing.  As a Russian native speaker she is now established in Berlin, where she has become much sought-after for her Russian language skills as well as for her musical talents. She recently dubbed the role of Igor Stravinski's wife in German with Russian accent in the movie Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinski.

Native language: Russian  |  Other languages: English, German

1a-voices.com English UK Mid NarratorSusannah’s voice has an x factor that defies description, but draws the listener in. Whether she’s voicing a powerful and controversial award-winning documentary, like her recent project, Propaganda, narrating clear and intelligent software instructions for a leading IT company or offering a luscious read for a world-renowned spa’s TV ad, she takes each project to a new level.

Native language: English (Mid Atlantic) | Other languages: French

1a-voices.com Brazilian NarratorSimone is a Brazilian TV actress and voice talent who records in Portuguese and in English with a Brazilian accent. She has recorded for Microsoft, Nivea, McDonald's, Unilever, Philips, Nissan, and Johnson's, among hundreds of other multinational companies.

Native language: Brazilian  |  Other languages: US English, Portuguese

1a-voices.com English | Spanish NarratorBorn of Indian parents, Ramsey grew up in the Canary Islands (Spain), UK and the USA. His career as a voice over talent spans over 20 years thanks to his continuous role in public speaking. He has an uncanny way with accents and dialects that allows him to create the right persona for just about any character, and yet slips into the desired gravitas for the serious voice over role.

Native language: English - Mid Atlantic  |  Other languages: Spanish

1a-voices.com Czechian NarratorAs a radio and TV Presenter Helena lives in Prague and Cologne. "Dynamic, fresh and multifaceted" – These are the words clients like Mercedes Benz, Partylite and Leifheit most often use to describe her voice. She is a versatile voice actress with experience in many areas of voicing. Her work includes corporate films, advertising, e-learning, phone systems and much more.

Native language: Czech  |  Other languages: German

1a-voices.com Spanish NarratorOscar Award Winner Javier Bardem's voice in Ridley Scott’s "The Counselor" is but one of the big names he has worked with. His incredible VO career started in 1998 when he signed a contract with George Lucas to feature in the Spanish versions of most of his productions. As lead character in the most popular video games on the market, Javier is currently the on-air promotion voice of major TV channels in Spain...

Native language: Spanish |  Other languages: English

1a-voices.com Norwegian | German NarratorActress, voice artist and language talent Bente is the daughter of a Norwegian philosophy professor and a German artist. She grew up by the Oslo fjord, moved to Germany after high school and started an education as a foreign language correspondent for French and Italian. After traveling around the world, Bente found her true vocation; she became an actress and voice-over artist.

Native languages: Norwegian / German  |  Other languages: French, Italian, English

1a-voices.com Russian NarratorSlava is one of the greatest Russian voice talents of the young generation. He completed his studies at the Theater School in the year 2000, where he gathered first experiences as a voice-over talent. He started broadcasting for a radio station in 1994 as well as presenting a well-known Russian morning TV show.

Native language: Russian  |  Other languages: English

1a-voices.com Japanese NarratorMahoe is a native Japanese who has made her career in voice over and radio for the past 18 years. Mahoe works as full time Japanese voice over artist for general companies and media enterprises like Microsoft, Visa, BMW, JP Morgan, Google, United Nations, among others. Her delivery is most often described as heart-warming, clear and natural.

Native language: Japanese  |  Other languages: English

1a-voices.com German NarratorYou surely recognize Dana's voice, for example from TV shows on ARTE, ZDF, Pro7, RTL and Sat.1, Germany's national TV and radio commercials, phone systems, international companies such as Sony, German Post (DP) and UPS, corporate videos from well-known companies or TV series and cinema movies: including Desperate Housewives, The Good Wife, Castle, Workaholics, Dr. House and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Native language: German

1a-voices.com Danish NarratorHenrik is a very talented voice over artist with 20+ years of experience. His native tongue is Danish and he speaks a perfect international English. His voice is silky, warm, friendly and trustworthy, and he is very dedicated to his profession. He loves helping ideas take form and come to life.

Native language: Danish  |  Other languages: English Mid Atlantic

1a-voices.com German NarratorShe calls TV her home since 1984. Carmen counts today as one of Germany’s great female voices. Many years as an editor for SternTV, acting school, trade fair presenter, head of the most renowned school for voice artists in the German-speaking area and ownership of the Mallorca Acting School round off the picture.
Her love for high quality reporting and corporate videos is known and appreciated by companies such as Chanel, ThyssenKrupp, Masterfood, Vitakraft, Inbev (Becks), Kellogg’s, Audi and Condor.
Native language: German  |  Other languages: Spanish, English, French

1a-voices.com Dutch | English Mid Atlantic NarratorPaul studied Musicology and English at the University of Utrecht and European Studies in Amsterdam. He has worked for Dutch national and international radio as well as for the BBC. Paul provides professional voice over services in Dutch (mother tongue), English and German to clients who wish to lend their products and services a sophisticated sound. But it’s not all work and no play.

Native language: Dutch  |  Other languages: English, German

1a-voices.com Portuguese NarratorCatarina works as a voice over actress since 2004. Since then she has recorded thousands of projects. Her clients report her voice has a great range of variety: young like a teenager, clear and natural, sophisticated and posh too.  As a true professional, Catarina possesses total command of her voice, her tool for getting your message across. She is fully aware of the power of communication bestowed by her voice… and she knows how to harness this power.

Native language: Portuguese

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