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1a-voices.com Portuguese NarratorOur Portuguese voice actor and voice-over talent works constantly to improve his voice skills. He specialises in audioguides, corporate films, documentaries and advertisements. David is one of the chosen few able to combine his passion with his profession. Find out by listening to his samples!

Native language: Portuguese | Other Languages: German, English

1a-voices.com Portuguese NarratorCatarina works as a voice over actress since 2004. Since then she has recorded thousands of projects. Her clients report her voice has a great range of variety: young like a teenager, clear and natural, sophisticated and posh too.  As a true professional, Catarina possesses total command of her voice, her tool for getting your message across. She is fully aware of the power of communication bestowed by her voice… and she knows how to harness this power.

Native language: Portuguese

1a-voices.com Portuguese NarratorOur charming Portuguese Voice Over talent Madalena grew up in Braga, where she studied Communication before she moved out to conquer the world just as her Portuguese ancestors did centuries earlier. Though, she already enjoyed her first stop and stayed: and that was Germany! There she soon started working as a radio journalist for the German Deutsche Welle (a worldwide broadcasted radio and television news station).

Native language: Portuguese


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