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1a-voices.com Finnish NarratorInka, our Finnish native speaker, comes from a family of musicians and was raised bilingually in Helsinki. Today Inka lives in Cologne, where she works in recording studios and appears on stage as a voice artist, singer, moderator, copywriter and actress. Her work is marked by concentration, precision and professionalism coupled with creativity. In jest, her colleagues call her the “one-take woman,” for often that’s all that’s needed...

Native language: Finnish  |  Other languages: German

1a-voices.com Finnish NarratorRiku is a very experienced professional voice-over actor who has been working as such since 1983. As a native Finn his speech is pure, without any dialect, and because he is a voice actor, he is also able to perform local dialects. Riku is also a singer / songwriter and he has composed a lot of advertising music in his own Pro Tools based studio.

Native language: Finnish


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