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1a-voices.com Japanese NarratorMahoe is a native Japanese who has made her career in voice over and radio for the past 18 years. Mahoe works as full time Japanese voice over artist for general companies and media enterprises like Microsoft, Visa, BMW, JP Morgan, Google, United Nations, among others. Her delivery is most often described as heart-warming, clear and natural.

Native language: Japanese  |  Other languages: English

1a-voices.com Japanese NarratorKentaro is a native Japanese award-wining composer/conductor who also has made his career as a voice over talent and producer for over 10 years. His sincere and warm voice has helped many video games, films, and TV programs as well as many international businesses and organizations that needed his voice in Japan. He is also fluent in English, and can provide English voice over with varied degree of Japanese accent.

Native language: Japanese |  Other languages: English


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