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1a-voices.com English UK NarratorWith a name like Angelique, you would most certainly think this voice talent is French! Actually she is British, from Surrey England, with an RP accent, most suited to the business market because of its clear, confident, and captivating quality. Her received pronunciation, British accent is from Southern England and compares with those of Jane Seymour, Keira Knightly and Helena Bonham Carter.

Native language: British English  |  Other languages: French, Spanish

1a-voices.com German NarratorA fresh voice, full of character – an ear-opener for all genres. With his warm, powerful, quiet and sonorous voice, Mike always represents your project in a credible and expressive way. For Mike, this is more than a day job, and it shows.

Native language: German

1a-voices.com Turkish | German NarratorBorn in Berlin to Turkish parents who were both teachers, Yesim grew up bilingual and speaks both languages dialect-free and without an accent. German and Turkish are both native languages for her. Her Turkish-speaking work includes advertising campaigns for Hanuta, Kinder Milk-Slice, Raffaello and Ay Yildiz as well as audio prompts for clients like Zalando.

Native languages: Turkish / German

1a-voices.com Dutch NarratorRichard studied Acting in the Netherlands and has been working as a professional actor and voice talent since 1991. Apart from that he has always worked as a translator as well, from German and English into Dutch and vice versa. In addition to many roles in theatre, movies and tv he has cooperated on numerous occasions in Dutch radio plays. He has worked for clients such as BMW, Mercedes, Philips, Medi, Medtronic and many more.

Native language: Dutch  |  Other languages: German, English

1a-voices.com French NarratorJean-Yves' great talent as a voiceover artist is backed by his rigorous drama training, which make him an excellent dubbing actor. As a voiceover professional, Jean-Yves is a marvellous narrator of stories and novels, as is proven by several audiobooks for children such as "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and "Little Nicholas" by J.J. Sempé, as well as novels such as "Cosmétique de l'Ennemi" by A. Nothomb, among others.

Native language: French | Other Languages: German

1a-voices.com German | UK English NarratorJennifer, daughter of a British-Caribbean hospital sister and a British university lecturer in language and literature, has spent most of her life in Germany, and therefore grew up with the advantage of having two native languages, English and German. Through her career in singing and work at the radio, she came to be a professional speaker, and takes much pleasure in doing justice to the requirements of the most varied fields...

Native languajes: German / British English

1a-voices.com German NarratorYou surely recognize Dana's voice, for example from TV shows on ARTE, ZDF, Pro7, RTL and Sat.1, Germany's national TV and radio commercials, phone systems, international companies such as Sony, German Post (DP) and UPS, corporate videos from well-known companies or TV series and cinema movies: including Desperate Housewives, The Good Wife, Castle, Workaholics, Dr. House and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Native language: German

1a-voices.com Greek NarratorDefinitely the most well-known Greek voice in Germany! His ongoing success and over 20 years of experience on national and international radio programmes and numerous synchronization and dubbing projects for German TV channels such as the Patmos documentary on SWR and a film entitled Wine routes of Northern Greece for BR keep him at the top of all Greek native talent lists.

Native language: Greek | Other languages: German


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