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chris en 1a voicesChris is a voiceover artist and trained actor living in London. He speaks fluent Russian and Spanish, and is also enjoying learning Swedish and Danish. He spent time in Moscow working as a translator and still does this freelance in London. Chris specialises in corporate videos, medical narration, and Caribbean accent projects. He also works in commercials and video games.

Native language: English UK

1a-voices.com English UK NarratorWith a name like Angelique, you would most certainly think this voice talent is French! Actually she is British, from Surrey England, with an RP accent, most suited to the business market because of its clear, confident, and captivating quality. Her received pronunciation, British accent is from Southern England and compares with those of Jane Seymour, Keira Knightly and Helena Bonham Carter.

Native language: British English  |  Other languages: French, Spanish

1a-voices.com UK English | German NarratorMartin is a true thoroughbred when it comes to narration for film presentations, advertisements, training programmes, industrial films, audio books, documentation, readings, recitals and poems. The fact that he is one of the very few narrators in Germany who works on a truly bilingual basis as both a British English and a German native voice-over keeps his order book very busy.

Native languages: British English / German

1a-voices.com UK English | German NarratorThe huge range of Christopher’s voice makes it possible to create "the certain something" and to live the "No-Limits" philosophy. High voices, deep ones, soft, loud, English or German, the bi-lingual professional speaker makes every effort to fulfill every client’s wish. He already mimed Barry Whites´ deep voice or spoke Sponge Bob.

Native languages: British English / German


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