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1a-voices.com Swedish | English US NarratorJonas is the new voice behind New York based Rosetta Stone’s corporate films. Born in Sweden, he grew up in Vancouver (Canada) where he completed his doctorate in musical arts. As a platinum award winning recording artist he gained early exposure to the stage and media, transferring his musical abilities to the voice.

Native languages: Swedish / US-English | Other Languages: German, French

1a-voices.com Swedish NarratorUpon leaving Sweden to live in Germany, she mostly worked as an announcer and actress, speaking in English and German. Increasingly, as a native speaker of Swedish, she found work as a dubbing artist, working, among others, for MTV and MIELE but also on the new, successful TV comedy show, "Welcome to Sweden".

Native language: Swedish | Other languages: English, German

1a-voices.com Swedish Narrator"There's a lot of competence in his voice”, a great communication teacher once told Benjamin. A great voice to deliver your product’s message is a crucial part of increasing your profit.  Benjamin knows exactly how to get your message through to your product’s audience.

Native language: Swedish | Other languages: English, French


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